Engineering for Continual Improvement and High Performance

KSR engineers are continually working with new materials and technologies that provide our OEMs with improved and more cost-effective performance. It’s just part of what has made us an industry leader in automotive Starting, Sensing, Steering and Stopping.

Sensor technology from KSR is well suited to a broad variety of vehicle applications, including pedals, transmissions, suspension/chassis leveling through to engine throttle position sensors. Our innovative pedal control systems use our proprietary and patented non-contacting sensor technology which is robust and flexible while meeting customer requirements in the most complex environments.

KSR Electronic Engineering Centre for R&D, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has considerable knowledge and experience and can offer complete solutions in all aspects of electronic design, hardware and software development in EPS, Power Modules and Advanced Engine systems.

From bumper-to-bumper, KSR has a sensor solution for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Please contact us to learn more.

KSR is an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of an array of products for the transportation industry (autos, light trucks, ATVs), including automotive sensors, electronic throttle controls, adjustable and fixed pedals, electric steering control units and power modules.

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