Alternator Regulators

For current alternator technology, KSR offers customized voltage regulators, as well as intelligent regulators integrating analog or digital communication with the engine control unit (ECU). The newer ECU-controlled regulators enable intelligent battery charging, increase battery life and provide better idle stability, diagnostic functions and acceleration-assist function using wide open throttle. Intelligent power management is an easy solution to get more power out of your current alternator technology with a minimum amount of risk.

KSR regulators are designed for high reliability and can be configured to support various regulation features such as standard regulation, external temperature sense or load response control for smooth regulation during rapid load changes.

Communication protocols can be implemented to facilitate communication between the regulator and the engine control unit (ECU) or the body control module. The communication strategies can be set up in self-synchronizing mode for simpler and more stable operation. Advanced communication protocols such as LIN can be provided to be compatible if a system network has been implemented.

Our customized voltage regulators are designed to integrate seamlessly into your alternator design to minimize assembly steps in high volume production as well as to provide very compact system solutions.

KSR is an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of an array of products for the transportation industry (autos, light trucks, ATVs), including automotive sensors, electronic throttle controls, adjustable and fixed pedals, electric steering control units and power modules.

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