KSR is an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of automotive sensors, electronic throttle controls and adjustable and fixed pedals.

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    Since 1948, KSR has been an industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing of fixed pedal modules, electronic throttle controls, and automotive sensors. In 1957, KSR redefined the traditional fixed pedal business and has since defined industry standards in brake pedal modules, traditional fixed systems and advanced adjustable systems. Each of our modules integrates brake, accelerator and clutch pedals in one engineered system. With seven locations on three continents, KSR’s global footprint includes manufacturing facilities in North America, mainland Europe and Asia. Sales, R&D and engineering offices are in Canada, US, Germany, UK and China.

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    KSR production facilities are strategically located globally. We are a vertically integrated manufacturing company to provide quick response, cost containment and local expertise. KSR taps the resources, expertise and timeliness from our facilities, associates and partners on three continents.
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    Executive and engineering offices for KSR are headquartered in Ridgetown, Ontario (Canada); Sales are in Southfield, Michigan (USA); manufacturing, distribution and R&D are located globally, including Canada, Mexico, Czech Republic, United Kingdom and China.
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